Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service!

Hi everybody!  Here is some more information about different issues we are facing each day!

Trying to copy huge (70Gb) database backup from one disk to another I got an error message that insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.


The first, I was thinking about was to use robocopy command prompt tool, which is optimized to work with file operations


Despite all retries, it was not able to copy a file. Server is an old windows 2003 virtual machine on vmware with 6GB of RAM used as database server for some old applications. I am sure that server restart would fix this problem for some time, but server is in use and I had to think some other workarounds. I tried to copy smaller files, like 8GB and it worked fine.

I downloaded and installed 7-zip archiver on server, and started it to add file to archive. Compression usually takes a lot of time, so I set compression level to “Store” (no compression) and in the “Split” to volumes I choose 8Gb parts.


After operation completed I copied all 9 files to destination without any issues, opened first of them and extracted complete file.